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Houston's Leading Tree Care Professionals | Specializing in Sick & Diseased Trees

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Houston's Leading Tree Care Professionals | Specializing in Sick & Diseased Trees

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Louis Flory

Maintain the Branches

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Houston, Texas, and Surrounding

Houston Tree Trimming And Pruning Service

tree trimming and pruning before and afterRegular tree trimming and pruning is vital to maximizing the appearance, safety, and value of the trees on your property. At Ability Tree Experts, we are skilled arborists and we know in-depth the horticultural practice of removing tree branches while keeping the health of the tree and improving its appearance.

Having your trees trimmed and pruned carries many benefits both for the trees themselves in terms of their growth, and for your property, by preventing hazards and by having your trees sculpted to complement your home or business.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is the removal of branches or foliage for aesthetic purposes. At Ability Tree Experts, we can shape the crowns of a wide variety of Gulf Coast trees, so the trees look better against the front of your home or in front of your business or retail property.

Our certified arbor technicians can safely access trees, and they have the experience, training, and judgment to remove limbs in a fashion that shapes the look of your tree for a balanced, pleasing outcome. We can improve the curb appeal of your home or the neatness of your storefront.

Trimming also promotes flower and fruit growth, so please call us to discuss when might be the optimal time to conduct your trimming.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is very similar to trimming, in that it involves the selective removal of branches, but it is typically performed for functional purposes.

Storm/Hurricane Safety

By removing branches and dense foliage, wind can flow through your tree instead of against it. This prevents the possibility of limbs breaking or trees toppling over during a major weather event.

Tree Health

Get your young trees off to a healthy start with expert pruning, designed to encourage its growth better than otherwise. Remove dead limbs from older trees to keep the rest of the tree healthy.

Property/Tree Conflicts

Don’t let tree branches run into power lines, homes, or other trees.


We can prune trees to encourage greater sunlight penetration below their branches and to promote garden/grass growth.

Other reasons for trimming and pruning include the removal of diseased and infested limbs, to remove limbs that block views into or out of structures, and to remove branches that cross over one-another.

Top quality tree care specialists

Tree trimming and pruning can be extremely dangerous work. Furthermore, limbs must be removed correctly in order for the service to carry long-term value.

At Ability Tree Experts, we use our knowledge of tree health and natural growth patterns to avoid simple but crucial mistakes like the removal of stem tissue in addition to branch tissue. Your trees will grow better, will look better, and will be safer thanks to our quality craftsmanship.

To get started, please call us at (281) 441-4179. Ability Tree Experts is owned by Louis Flory, an arborist of more than 30 years regarded as an expert in tree surgery and tree care.

We have comprehensive tree care services