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“They did an amazing job on our live oak tree! Looks beautiful!!!” — Diann Z.

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At Ability Tree Experts, we work in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas to bring you tree services so that your trees are healthy and attractive for years to come.

Houston’s Leading Tree Care Professionals

Our Tree Work

Trimming and Pruning Trees

Let our team trim and prune your trees so that they look their best and only have healthy branches.

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Find Your Tree Care Arborist

Our team knows how to provide tree care to a wide variety of trees in the Houston, Texas, area.

our fertilization treatments

Get Disease and Insect Control

Ability Tree Experts provides disease and insect control to help your trees remain healthy and grow strong.

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Our Fertilization Treatments

We use some of the top fertilization treatments, such as deep root feeding, to help your trees grow.
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Disease and Damage Guide

Look through our disease and damage guide to learn about diseases and insects that may hurt your trees.

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