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Houston's Leading Tree Care Professionals | Specializing in Sick & Diseased Trees

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Houston's Leading Tree Care Professionals | Specializing in Sick & Diseased Trees

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Louis Flory

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About Us at Ability Tree Experts LLC in Houston, Texas

Houston Tree Service Company

Lous F. Louis Flory has been caring for Houston area trees for more than 30 years. As owner of Ability Tree Experts, Louis takes a great deal of pride in the work performed by his crews. These tree care professionals are trained in all aspects of arboriculture. And, his commitment to continuing education assures that his customers will always receive the finest services available.

Ability Tree Experts is Houston’s leading tree care professionals, licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. We are insured for your protection, which is required by license agencies.

Louis Flory has been featured on AM talk radio and sports radio, and has been interviewed by local news stations (including ABC Channel 13) for over 30 years.

Why a professional tree care company?

We often hear the question, “Why do I need to use a professional tree service?”

Actually, we see two questions, here. The first question, “why use a tree service,” can be answered by asking the question, “Are you, the property owner, capable of doing the work that your trees require?”

The more important question is “Why use a professional tree service?” There are serveral factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for a tree service.

Treated vs Untreated trees
Untreated vs Treated trees
  • Experience – How long has the arborist been in the business? Another important factor is the experience of the crews. Ability Tree Experts takes pride in being one of the oldest full service tree care companies in southeast Texas, and in having crews that truly are tree experts, not just tree trimmers.

  • Licensing – Ability Tree Experts uses the highest quality products from leading greencare manufacturers. Many of these chemicals are only available for use by licensed professionals. Ability Tree Experts is licensed by the Texas Board of Structural Pest Control as a . Our chemical application crews also hold Technicians licenses through the TBSPC. These licenses require continuing education, and annual recertification.

  • Insurance – When any tradesman comes onto your property to perform a task, unless they have appropriate insurance, you, the property owner, accept responsibility for any damages they may cause, or that they may suffer. If an uninsured tree trimmer falls from a tree, or causes a limb to fall through your roof or on your neighbor’s car, you or your homeowners’ insurance will bear the financial responsibility for the damage. Ability Tree Experts is fully insured for the protection of their customers.

  • Training – How skilled are the workers? Ability Tree Experts’ crews are skilled in all aspects of their jobs. Anyone can cut a tree limb with a chainsaw, but a professional knows how and where to make the cut so that it doesn’t damage the tree. Ability Tree Experts’ tree trimming crews are also trained to recognize and report disease and pest problems that may not have been obvious during the initial assessment of the tree.

  • Equipment – It takes specialized eqiupment to properly apply chemical treatments, particularly for tall trees, or tough problems like bagworms. Ability Tree Experts invests in the latest technology so their customers have the advantage of cutting edge solutions for their tree problems.

The dictionary defines ELITE as “The best or most skilled members of a group.” Ability Tree Experts is the elite of Houston’s tree care companies.

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