Twig Girdlers

Twig Girdlers cleanly cut twigs on the tree. The twigs can be ¼ inch to 2 inches in diameter. The twigs will be found underneath the tree around the base. The tree will often appear to be abnormally bushy. In these fallen twigs there is a whitish larvae. These insects are unwelcomed pruners to the tree. Wood boring beetles lay their eggs in the wood of these small twigs. The “twig pruning” larvae then tunnel their way through these twigs eating the inner parts, leaving a hollow shell. Adult twig girdlers lay their eggs in twigs then chew the ends off making the branches fall to the ground. The eggs live in these twigs feeding off the sap that is left. Both twig pruner and twig girdlers larvae mature in the twigs on the ground. The damage that is done to the tree is an abundant amount of unnecessary pruning. New shoots will grow out of where the twigs had been chewed and cause a lot of unnatural bushiness.

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