Tree RemovalHouston Tree Removal

Ability Tree Experts completely removes trees from homes in and around Houston. We remove trees for any of the following reasons:

  • Dead Trees
  • Drying Trees
  • Trees Crowding Together
  • Tree Presents a Safety Hazard
  • Tree Removal for Construction
  • Fallen Trees After Storms/Hurricanes

If you believe a tree may need to be removed, we can examine your trees closely and determine if another solution may be possible, such as tree disease remediation, pruning, or cutting. Sometimes, removal is the best option, and our crews can safely cut and haul away even the largest trees.

Complete Tree Removal and Services

We eliminate trees from their tops to their roots. We safely lower sections of even the tallest trees, all while preserving surrounding landscapes and preventing the unexepected falling of a tree.

After removing the trunk and branches, we perform stump grinding and patch up the land so you may use it for garden space or for your next construction project.

If your tree has been dying and can’t be repaired, our tree removal helps you stay safe from easily falling limbs and it will improve the look of your green space.

Tree RemovalEmergency/Post-Storm Tree Removal

Was a tree uprooted by high winds and onto your care or structures? Ability Tree Experts is licensed and insured, and can safely remove trees using powerful equipment.

Whether or not your home, car, or other property faces serious damage from a fallen tree, the treemust be removed as soon as possible because it presents a continual safety threat. And if the tree caused property damage, we can remove it efficiently and affordably so your contractor can begin repairing your home or commercial building.

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Please call us at (281) 441-4179 to set up an appointment for your tree removal and other tree care services.

Owned by third-generation arborist and proud Texan Louis Flory, Ability Tree Experts is considered one of the premier tree care companies in the Gulf Coast. We perform thorough, efficient work at affordable prices, helping you maintain the value of your property.