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How to Detect and Remove Oak Leaf Blisters

Oak leaf blister is caused by the fungus known as Taphrina caerulescens. Oak trees sometimes get leaf blisters at specific times of the year. It does not in any way present any serious threat to the plant. However, some cases may be so severe that it may cause premature leaf drop. It can also weaken them and hinder their growth.

It was given that name because of the yellow round elevated spots that it usually causes on the leaves that resemble blisters. It can be removed by an individual or the services of a tree doctor may be hired. Removing oak trees is possible once they have been detected. Treating large trees can be expensive and in some cases even dangerous. There are several other insect and bacterial infections that may manifest the same characteristics such as the disease and even mar the leaves of an oak tree.

It is characterized by yellow to light blisters which are green. The leaves also have indented undersides. This is usually in early summer or during late spring. Towards the end of summer, the blisters usually turn powdery and produce spores. The disease slowly develops and grows as the season advances. The blisters then turn brown or grey.

After identifying the disease the next step should be to remove all the infected leaves or any other leaves that are dead. The main reason for this is to prevent it from spreading. It is important to ensure that the oak tree is in a good condition. This can be effectively done by fertilizing the tree. This will make them stronger and at the same time much less susceptible to the disease.

The use of fungicides is the most effective way of dealing with the disease. This is effective during the time before the leaf buds open in springtime. Once it opens the use of fungicides will not be effective. It is easier to treat smaller younger oaks as compared to the bigger ones. This is because an individual does not have to reach great heights which becomes challenging and harder, but this is necessary so as to spray all the parts of the tree. Treating them early ensures that they can grow well and are free from any problems and complications. The fungicides can be purchased from local stores or through the Internet. It should contain the ingredient chlorothalonil. The directions of how to use them are easy and are found on the package. A pump type sprayer can be used to spray the fungicide.

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