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The Benefits of Tree Cutting for Tree Wellness

An important part of maintaining trees is tree cutting. It may be referred to as pruning, trimming, cutting or even surgery. The tree cutting process involves removal of diseased or dead wood or branches. There are many reasons that justify the pruning of trees on a regular basis.

1. Safety of property and persons near the tree

Branches may fall and injure people or damage property. Branches may be interfering with utility lines by resting on the lines or near rooftops.

2. Increased health and vigor of the tree

Removal of branches that are afflicted with decay-producing fungi will prevent the spread of disease. Airflow may be improved by thinning the crown of the tree. Increased airflow can help to control pest problems. Damaged or broken limbs should be removed to facilitate healing and prevent injury to persons or property. Tree cutting improves the strength of the tree structure and prepares the tree for severe weather conditions.

Regular tree cutting reduces insect nests and/or fungus on leaves and branches.

Young tree cutting or developmental tree pruning is necessary for proper branch form, design and structural integrity. As your landscape matures, you will have less potential problems.

3. Improved appearance of the landscape.

The field of vision of the driveway and streets may be improved with strategically removing some of the branches. In addition to below, the visual field above may be improved by opening up the sky and allowing more sun to reveal a brighter, bigger space. In addition, more sunlight opens up more botanical choices for your garden.

4. Stimulation of the production of fruits

Tree cutting improves the natural form and character of the trees by stimulating the production of flowers and/or fruit in terms of quality and quantity.

5. Improved timber value of the tree

The value of a tree can be improved by shaping it for design purposes. In addition, the tree will not be the cause of roof damage. The life of your roof can be decreased by moss or fungi of tree limbs growing too close to the roof.

It’s best not to prune more than 20% of the tree. Just like having our hair cut regularly, tree cutting is a long term investment that is done on a regular basis for the health and safety of your trees.