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Things to Consider when Planting a Tree

A lot of planning should go into the location if you are planning on planting a tree. There needs to be enough room for both the branches and the roots to expand; enough distance from a concrete road or foundation so that future root systems will not play havoc with it; and the soil needs to be rich enough. The tree should be near a water source, either a sprinkler irrigation system, or accessible by hose watering. Combine a good location, proper soil with good drainage and water accessibility with plenty of sunlight, and you will have a thriving tree.

In summary, the four main things to consider before planting a tree are:

  • Location
  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Space

If the soil is too sandy or has too much clay, use a compost material to enrich it before planting. Avoid planting too close to tall walls or trees that will block sunlight. Too little sunlight will stunt the growth, more than anything else. Sunlight is the catalyst for photosynthesis, which is the trees ability to manufacture its own food. Your tree will not live without water either, so at least have a hose nearby if there is not sufficient rainfall. If you plant several trees, spacing is important for both growth and ease of harvesting fruit or pruning.

When you plant the tree in the earth, you need to prepare the receiving hole properly. If the hole is too deep the roots will not get enough oxygen. If the hole is too narrow, it will not expand properly for both nourishment and stability. The hole should be no deeper than the original depth before the transplant, and the width should be three times the diameter size of the ball of the tree.

In soil with a lot of clay be careful not to cause glazing in the hole. This is when the sides and bottom become smooth and shiny. This causes a barrier that blocks water. Use a fork to poke holes, scratch or drag the tines down the sides and break up the soil on the bottom.

If your tree is balled with burlap, always lift by the ball not the trunk. Remove burlap and twine after planting, and keep moist, and fill the hole with a good back soil of peat moss, compost material or topsoil just to the height of the ball. Your tree is now ready for a good life.