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"Keep Your Houston Trees Safe for the Hurricane Season"

Keeping your Houston trees pruned is one of the most effective ways to prevent property damage from hurricanes and strong winds. The hurricane season officially lasts from June 1 to November 30.

In 2008, Hurricane Ike ripped through the Texas Gulf Coast and the Houston area with winds as high as 145 miles per hour. Within Houston high winds caused trees to fall over without any concern for where they landed. Cars, power lines, and homes were destroyed in the face of thousands of pounds of tree weight forced onto them.

Tree pruning is a smart way to prevent Hurricane tree falls. That's because an overgrown, unpruned tree may be thick with dead, snarly limbs that resist the flow of wind and act like a kite against which the wind can exert tremendous pressure. Coupled with the reality that some trees, such as oaks, have shallow root structures, wind pressure sometimes forces trees to uproot and fall over.

By contrast, a tree that has been pruned will enable wind to pass through it, preventing falls. Pruning is the selective removal of branches, often with a focus on interior growth, broken branches, and dead wood.

Houston arborist Louis Flory of Abiliy Tree Experts recommends that individuals seek a professional tree company to perform this work. A reputable tree service company will understand how to efficiently and safely climb trees and remove heavy limbs. Amateurs may mistakenly remove a limb on which they depend for balance, said Flory.

Furthermore, tree professionals will se their expertise to improve the appearance of the tree and to prevent it from weighing too much on one side. And tree care experts know how to cut into trees without causing damage that leaves trees susceptible to pests and diseases.

"Pruning not only manicures the tree, it enhances the beauty of the tree and of your property. On top of all that, it makes your tree more storm resistant," said Flory.

Other tips for preventing tree damage in a storm include removing dead trees, and applying regular tree care to keep them healthy. Many tree service companies offer free estimates and inspections, letting homeowners understand any work that may be appropriate for staying safe and enjoying a more healthy yard.

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