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Owning Fruit Trees

As the media is promoting healthy diets and lifestyles, it is becoming more difficult to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. Well, worry not, because some fruits and vegetables can be easily grown in the Houston area. The moist and humid climate is perfect for many fruits to grow and ripen. The avocado and loquat are two particular fruits that not only suit Houston's weather, but also provide many essential vitamins and nutrients.

Avocados have rapidly gained popularity over the few years due to their healthy fats and antioxidants. Yet, these fruits can cost from $1.00 to $2.50 each. Therefore, many find it cheaper and easier to simply grow them at home. An avocado tree basically needs a good amount of sunlight and soil that's not puddled with water. The soil should be moist enough to nourish the tree but also dry enough to not flood it. The avocado should be planted in the spring and it bears fruit in the fall. Since the fruit does not ripen on the tree, a few days should be allowed for it to ripen after being picked. Wilma and Opal are two common types of avocado that are suitable and flourish in Houston's climate.

Another fruit that is perfect for Houston's weather is the loquat. Many people are unfamiliar with this fruit and often think that it's only edible for birds. Yet this small yellow colored fruit is full of dietary fiber and low on calories. When planting a loquat tree, one should pay particular attention to the soil. The soil should be neutral to acidic and fertile. A loquat tree should be planted in the rainy season and usually bears fruit in late winter or early spring. The loquat can be eaten raw, dried, or even as a jam.

Loquats and avocados are just two fruits that can be easily grown in the Houston climate. Growing these fruits at home not only saves money, but also gives a more natural and rich taste to them. If you plant such fruits and vegetables in your garden, you will be doing less shopping at the grocery store and more shopping in your own backyard.

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