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Rose Trees in Houston

Rose trees are hybrid roses that have been grown to look like a tree. They range in size from 3 feet to 6 feet tall and come in many colors.  In order to understand why rose trees require special care, it helps to know how these unusual roses are formed. No rose naturally grows in a tree shape. Instead, the tree-like form is created by grafting roses together; several roses are bound together until they grow into one.  One graft is made at the top of the cane, or trunk, and another near the base.  By the way, be aware the Rose of Sharon Tree is not a rose, it is a hibiscus. Tree roses are a great way to create height in the garden.  It is important to make sure the surrounding roses are low-growing and are kept hard pruned so that they do not reach the head of the standard.

Because the rose has been “re-engineered” and trained to grow with along the stem (cane) masquerading as a trunk, it requires more upkeep than a shrub or a climbing rose.  It will need to be staked, and care needs to be taken to prevent sun damage.  The tree cane should be wrapped in frost conditions.

Care tips:

    • Prepare and plant. Compost about two weeks ahead of time.  Plant for plenty of sunlight and moisture.  Dig a hole 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide.  Wet plant the tree with 50 per cent organic filler and stake well.

    • Water and feed.  Water daily until new growth appears.  Feed after new growth.  Apply compost in the early spring and midsummer.

    • Disease and pests.  Watch for rose diseases, such as black spot or mildew and treat promptly by removing the infected leaves and applying fungicide.  Watch for aphids, spider mites and Japanese beetles; treat with a pesticide.

    • Autumn and spring.  Prepare for the winter in late fall. One way to do this is to wrap a sheet of flexible insulating material around the cane and cover with burlap.  Duct tape the burlap and mulch the base.  Prune the rose tree in the spring.