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Ornamental Trees in Houston

In landscaping terminology, the term ornamental tree refers that one that tends to be smaller in size than shade trees, with uniquely shaded leaves, branch spread, or brilliant flowering cycles.

The climate in southeast Texas is well suited for both and non-native ornamentals.  Since terrain is uniformly flat, it is advisable to plant both small and mid-growth trees in landscaping plans.  This will add vertical impact to the scenery.  Without some height variation, areas will appear very flat.

Ornamentals will also add color and form at eye level.  Even the most well thought garden plan may not be tall enough to fill the space between the yard and the top of the home using only flowers and shrubbery.  Adding smaller trees, however, can help create interesting layers of greenery ranging be up to 25 feet over the yard.  When sharing space with shade trees, effective visuals can be obtained.   Care should be taken to ensure ornamentals have sufficient sunlight.

There are both flowering and non flowering ornamental trees.  The decision of how many of each category to plan depends on the landscaping plan.  A landscaping style that features colorful gardens, for example, would indicate choosing flowering trees which would extend the color schemes upward.  Minimalist designs, such as modern landscaping, may need very small trees whose darker leaves help reinforce the sense of controlled organics and stark principles of contemporary design.

Ornamentals can provide other benefits in addition to esthetic considerations.  The can be used to reinforce privacy screens, or to provide height over small fences, or as even a boundary wall.  The can be useful in adding life to a patio or terrace.  Many species of songbirds will find well-placed ornamentals inviting.

Make sure that the trees selected will maintain their intended form without growing out of control and causing damage to the home or surrounding garden.  To some extent, the size of the home and yard will dictate specific species that work best within the confines of a particular lot.