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Care For The State Tree of Texas

Pecan trees are native to Texas and their useful contributions and beauty has made the tree a favorite of Texas residents. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that the pecan tree is the state tree of Texas! Texas locals have enjoyed the organic, unplanned existence of the pecan tree for centuries. A creator of shade, and bearer of such a delicious and heart nut, the pecan trees’ presence in the Texas area is fortunate for current and future citizens.

Pecan trees are survivors. With little or no care, they will stay alive in Texas. However, if you want a pecan tree in your yard, or on your property to thrive and possibly benefit you, you would do well to take some steps in caring for your pecan tree. After all, nature cannot know to benefit us if we are not good stewards of it. In order for your pecan tree to provide use to you and be what you desire of it, you must maintain it in a particular way, to encourage the type of growth you would like from it.

If you are planting a brand new, cute little baby pecan tree, there are a few things to consider and be aware of. For example, depending on the region of Texas you are in, different types of pecan trees are better suited than others. (Oh yeah-there are multiple types of pecan trees, surprise!) The northern regions of Texas typically do well with Mohawk and Maramek varietals. Southern regions of Texas will usually plant a pecan tree that thrives with choices of the Cape Fear, Forkert or Kiowa pecan trees. Pawnee and Caddo pecan trees do well all over Texas, however and are a safe bet no matter your region.

Decide, before you plant a pecan tree or even if there is one that has been local to your property prior to your arrival, what you would like to reap from its presence. Shade and aesthetic value are basic uses of the tree, and proper maintenance and tree pruning are necessary. If you and your family would ideally be able to use the trees natural provision of pecans, there is soil and more specific elements of care you should look into.

A closeted high management crop, the pecan tree is so full of vitality, very little can hinder its growth in Texas. But. This does not mean residents should expect not to have to care for a pecan tree. If they want it to be a visual asset, or expect hearty and healthy pecans, owners of pecan trees will absolutely need to take steps to correctly supporting their pecan trees health. Our state tree is a great and special symbol of strength and beauty. Texas is lucky to have such a pretty and useful tree representing it in arborous America.