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Care for Young Trees in the Summer: Keeping Your Young Trees Healthy and Strong

Texas summers can be hard on trees. Young trees especially need extra care during the summer.

Since newly planted trees have not yet established their roots - their ability to get water is limited. To help young trees to continue to grow and thrive during heat of summer, it’s important to ensure that you establish a consistent watering schedule for your new trees, to help them to survive the long summer months.

With proper care, you can help to ensure that your trees stay strong throughout the summer. Here are some ways that you can help to keep your trees healthy.

Watering your young tree is especially important. To help it establish a strong root system, you must water it properly. Simply dumping water on it will not work, but neither will continually watering it. Watering your trees roots is a delicate balance of ensuring it has enough water, while not watering it too much so that it won’t send out roots to find water on its own.

It’s generally recommended that you water young trees once a week, depending on the type of tree. Use a slow drip to saturate the soil, and use between 10 and 15 gallons. This ensures that the soil surrounding your tree’s roots are fully saturated with water, and encourages the root system to grow deeper.

Weeding and Mulching
Keep the surrounding area around your tree’s trunk free from weeds. Grass and weeds will compete with the tree for much needed nutrients. Beware of using lawn mowers or weed eaters around your tree though, as they can cause damage to the tree’s young bark and trunk - making it even more susceptible for insects and disease.

Mulching is a good way to help discourage weeds from growing. It also helps to keep the root system from drying and helps to hold moisture in the ground. When mulching, take care to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the tree. If mulch is piled against the trunk, it can cause rot.

Never prune a tree during the summer months. Pruning during the summer can cause unneeded stress to trees, and makes them more susceptible to pests and disease.

Pruning of young trees should be done with care. While pruning can be a good thing for trees, if done incorrectly it can cause irreversible damage. In some cases, young trees may need pruned to help them grow correctly, but should be done with great care, and never during the summer.

Trees are a costly investment, and one that is worth protecting. For more information on tree care in Houston, call Texas’ leading tree-care specialists, Ability Tree Experts today. 281-441-4179

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