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Winter Care for Young Trees: Tips for Keeping Young Trees Strong Throughout the Winter Months

While trees are fairly self-sufficient, a newly planted tree requires some care and nurturing to help it to form a well-established root system.

Winters can be especially hard on a tree, but young or newly planted trees that have yet to establish strong root systems, often need extra care to help to ensure their survival. Depending on your location, trees may need extra care during winter to prevent them from becoming damaged due to lack of water, freezing, or nutrient deficiencies.

Here are some ways that you can help to prepare your young trees for the long winter months ahead.

Newly planted trees require a lot of water to survive, but since young trees have yet to establish a root system, they can’t reach very far for water. Moist soil can help a tree to survive its first few winters. If you live in a place where the ground freezes during the winter, you may want to consider an irrigation system to help your trees survive. Proper mulching can also help preserve your tree’s root system. Mulch accomplishes two things: it provides insulation to the tree and roots, and keeps the soil moist –helping to keep valuable moisture in the ground.

Young trees have softer bark, which makes it easy for pests and rodents to chew through and cause damage. If rodent damage is too extensive, a tree can die. Damage to tree bark is especially harmful to young trees. To prevent your young tree from becoming a midwinter’s snack, you may want to consider barricading the trunk with wire caging until the tree is older, and stronger.

Newly planted trees are more susceptible to limb damage. Winter burns, and broken branches are among the most common types of winter damage. Winter burn is caused from lack of water, or the tree’s inability to get enough water. You might need to protect the young trees by wrapping them in the winter. Broken limbs are common when snow piles up on tree branches. Gently remove the snow to help decrease the limbs from becoming overloaded and breaking.

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