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Preparing Trees for the Winter Months

Ensure That Your Trees Are Strong Enough to Weather the Winter

While it’s true that to a certain extent, most trees are designed to prepare themselves for winter, there are certain things you should look for in your trees to ensure they are ready for the winter months.

For instance, sick and dying trees may become hazards when the colder months come. To prevent your trees from becoming hazards, here are a few things to look for in your trees this season.

  • Dead Wood Dead branches and trees can become especially dangerous in the winter when the colder weather hits. Ice and snow can turn dormant branches into dangerous hazards, causing them to snap off without warning. Inspect your trees for dead wood before the cold weather hits.
  • Cracks Cracks are deep splits in trees that can indicate tree failure, or death. Trees that have large cracks should be carefully inspected carefully by a professional arborist to ensure they are still structurally sound, or to determine if they should be removed.
  • Decay Hollow trees can be signs of tree failure, but the presence of decay doesn’t always mean a tree is hazardous. While trees decay from the inside out, at the same time, they continue to produce new wood on the outside, making them less hazardous than one would assume. However, the final evaluation should be left to a trained arborist.
  • Roots Trees with compromised root systems may not be stable during wind or snowstorms. Having your tree checked by a professional arborist can help to ensure your trees’ survival. Trees that are leaning, or have roots that are pushing up through the soil are important things to take note of before winter arrives.

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