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Water your trees to reduce suffering during prolonged drought

Texas trees are showing signs of damage this summer. Watering the trees regularly will help them stay nourished and weather the current drought.

Texas is currently experiencing one of the worst drought conditions it has ever faced. Trees, like people and animals, are feeling the heat.

Trees are showing signs of stress and disease infestation because of the excessive heat. Experts warn that if this drought continues for much longer, the state may experience one of the worst years on record for tree loss. When trees become stressed, they are more likely to become infected by diseases and other pests.

Worst year for trees in Texas

Louis Flory, owner of Ability Tree Experts said this year is shaping up to be one of the worst years for trees and landscapes he has seen in a while. “This is simply devastating. This year I have seen more dried limbs and branches than I can remember.”

He said more tree trimming might be needed to prevent death. “We have definitely been very busy and that is to be expected due to the hot weather. We are trimming more trees now than in recent memory and that can be directly attributed to the drought,” he said.

Applying mulch helps your trees

Mr. Flory said homeowners could take some steps to help the trees on their properties weather the heat. “One of the best things you can do for your tree at this moment is to put mulching around it and water it at regular intervals. Using soaker hoses to water them is best because this helps the property owner lose less water to wind and evaporation. It also allows the water to soak slowly to the roots of the trees.”

He said older more established trees may need less water due to their extensive root system than the younger less established trees, but they all need help this summer due to the prolonged heat. “Though older trees have better root systems, they still might not find enough water in the soil during a drought to stay in good health.”

Removing grasses helps your trees

“Trees can also be helped by removing weeds and grass that compete for water and other nutrients beneath the canopies. This is especially important during these drought conditions. Replacing the weed and grass with about 2-3 inches of mulch will help conserve the moisture. Be careful though not to pile the mulch against the tree trunk as this may encourage diseases and pests.”

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