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Four reasons you should water your trees today

The summer drought is ending but trees are still suffering the effects of excessive heat and not enough water.

Texas tree experts say this is not the time to stop watering the trees on your property. Louis Flory, owner of Ability Tree experts ( said homeowners who stop watering their trees now risk losing those trees.

“Now is really not the time to stop watering these trees,” he said. “Yes the temperature is cooler now and we have had a couple of days of rain but considering what the trees went through during the summer, homeowners need to continue watering the trees.”

Here are four reasons you should not stop watering your trees.

1. Tree are suffering the effects of drought

It may not be obvious to an untrained eye but trees are still suffering the effects of the drought. Southern states, including Texas have received a few inches of rain but considering the intensity and duration of the drought, it will take trees months or even years to overcome the effects. Trees will continue to suffer and die in the coming months if they do not receive adequate nutrients so it is essential that homeowners continue to water the trees.

2. Weak trees are disease prone

Trees weakened by the drought are vulnerable to disease and pest infestation. Elm Leaf Beetles, Lacebugs, Anthracnose, Leaf Burn and Rot, and many more tree diseases and pests are waiting to latch on to drought weakened trees. The only defense trees have against these pests is water and good health. Healthy trees are better able to fight off disease and pest infestation. Watering your trees allows them to stay healthy and thrive.

3. It costs more to replace a tree than to water

It is more expensive to remove dead trees and plant new ones than to water existing trees. Tree service companies charge hefty fees to remove dead trees but watering these trees cost less. It takes longer for new trees to take root and mature. Also new trees are susceptible to effects of drought and likely to die from heat than established ones.

4. Trees beautify your property

Having trees on your property adds value to your home. Polls show buyers are likely to buy a home with beautiful trees than they are to buy a home without trees. Watering your trees adds beauty to your property and increases its value.

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