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Full impact of drought on Texas trees, economy still unknown

Texas tree specialist Louis Flory with Ability Tree Experts says residents are yet to feel the full impact of this summer’s drought on Texas trees and the state’s economy.

Texans should expect more dead trees in the next year and this could eventually affect the state’s economy. The worst is ahead of us as more trees die from the effects of summer’s excessive heat.

“You look around and all you see are withered trees. Some of these trees appear to have weathered the drought but as time goes on, we will see the full effects. They are not usually visible immediately,” Flory said this weekend.

Pine trees most affected by drought

Some of the tree species mostly affected by the drought include pine trees and that is where the most concern is. “We are concerned that we may lose a lot more of these pine trees because they are the ones affected the most. That will be catastrophic and devastating to the state’s economy if that happens.”

Other tree experts agree with this assessment. Todd Nightingale, district forester for the Texas Forest Service agrees that in the coming months, we will continue to see trees succumb to the effects of the drought.

“In spring we will continue to see trees succumb to mortality as the stresses from the drought continue to inflict damages on our forest resources,” he said recently.

“If your pine trees are brown now, they are dead. Landowners need to go ahead and start making plans to get those trees removed because they are not going to come back,” said Nightingale. “For the hardwood trees that defoliated early, there is a 50-50 chance on whether they will come back next spring. So landowners need to keep a watch on those trees.”

Dead trees need to be removed quickly

Flory said in the coming months, there could be a glut of timber due to the number of dead or dying trees and homeowners may need to decide the best means to remove dead trees from their properties.

“You certainly do not want to leave the trees on your property especially if it is near a home or cars. That is very dangerous. The trees can fall and hurt family or pets so it is important that they are removed as soon as they die. Also dead trees could become magnets for diseases and pest which could infect other nearby trees.”

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