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Signs that Houston area trees still need help despite recent rainfall

Houston and other Texas cities recently received appreciable amounts of rainfall. City of Pearland received five inches while Houston got soaked by three inches.

These have left wildlife and trees breathing sighs of relief after months of intense heat and little or no rainfall. Houston tree specialist Louis Flory, owner of Ability Tree Experts ( says area trees have gone so long without adequate rain and still need help from homeowners.

He recently released signs that homeowners need to watch for to determine if their trees need help despite recent rainfall.

One of the first signs that trees need help in the Houston area is dropping leaves. When trees suffer from severe stress, their leaves start dropping at higher rates than normal, the leaves turn yellow or light green. They also wilt and this results in many dead branches on the trees.

“When this happens, it is important that homeowners contact tree professionals immediately to assess the damage and recommend a course of action. Sometimes the trees can be saved and other times, the only thing that can be done is to cut down the trees,” said Flory.

He said homeowners should pay special attention to young or newly planted trees. “They have not had the chance to develop their root system and are easily affected by the weather condition.”

Another sign that trees in Houston need help is the presence of diseases or dangerous pests. As trees adjust to the intense drought, they conserve the limited resources available to them. Over time the trees become weaker and this is when diseases and pests like Aphids, Elm Leaf Beetle and Lacebugs strike.

“These pests like Pine Bark beetles and Mealy Bugs love to strike weakened trees and trees are their weakest during prolonged droughts because they are not getting enough nutrients and water. This is when they need help,” he added.

He referred homeowners to visit Ability Trees website at for complete list of tree diseases and pests, their symptoms and how to combat their effects.

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