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How to hire a full service tree company

Certified tree companies employ certified arborists trained to protect your trees. Look for state certification when hiring a full service tree company.

From elms to oaks, having trees on your property is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. They provide the energy of a lush landscape, add value to the property, and reduce cooling cost in the summer and heating cost in the winter.

They also help reduce carbon dioxide, which is harmful to humans and animals while producing the oxygen needed for survival. Sometimes, the trees need cutting, pruning or spraying for disease and pest eradication. These are services provided by tree experts.

Hire only certified tree companies

Not all tree professionals are certified and it is necessary to hire certified tree specialists, says arborist and 30-year veteran of tree management, Louis Flory, owner of Houston, Texas based Ability Tree Experts.

According to Mr. Flory, certified arborists “can properly identify the various trees, recognize tree pests and diagnose tree diseases properly. He or she has the education and background in tree management.”

“He should be able to identify the problem, not just give you a solution, “he added.

Check their tree service licenses

He said states’ Departments of Agriculture issue Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS) and the Commercial Certified Applicator (CCA) licenses and every certified tree service company should have these licenses.

These licenses are mandatory for certification and homeowners should ensure the companies they hire are certified. SPCS licensees “provide exceptional customer service to the public and the industry, enhance the educational and professional standards of license holders and ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public,” according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Confirm their workers' compensation and liability insurance

Mr. Flory advised homeowners to look for companies that carry full liability insurance, workers compensation liability for the homeowner and workers compensation insurance for the tree company employees.

Ability Tree Experts is aTexas certified full service tree company. We carry liability and workers' compensation insurance for our employees and customers.

“Homeowners should ensure the Chemical Technician’s vehicle clearly displays the state’s Department of Agriculture license number. The service invoice or work order should also include the Department of Agriculture’s address and telephone number, the type of chemical to be used for the tree spraying job and how many gallons and percentage of chemicals to be used.”

“The tree service company should able to provide proper diagnosis including properly identifying the insect or disease affecting the trees and the right treatment to be administered before the work begins,” he added.

Ask questions about their tree management experience

He advised homeowners to ask questions of tree care providers before engaging their services. “It is just like hiring any other service provider. You want to make sure they are qualified to do the job. Find out how long they have been in business, ask for references and check those references to make sure they are true.”

“Ask about safety record and find out how much time is spent training employees on safety and other related issues. Make sure the technicians coming to do the work have the right equipment including safety gear. You don’t want to have poorly trained workers spilling chemicals on your property or handling chainsaws without taking the right precautions.”

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