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Signs Of Aphid Infestation

Often referred to as plant lice, the aphid is a minute insect that feeds on different types of plants such as fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers.

Aphids are approximately 1/8 inch with soft rounded bodies. They can be black, red or green in color. The aphid is one of the fastest reproducing insects from the Aphidae family and can produce up to thirteen generations in one season.

Adult aphids can produce three to six nymphs over the course of their month-long lifetime. Due to fast reproduction, populations can increase quickly resulting in full infestation in only a matter of days.

These insects have the ability to become very nasty garden pest. They feed by sucking sap from plant tissue, which causes significant damage and spreads disease from one plant to another. The presence of honeydew, a waste material that is excreted after feeding, is a good sign that you have an aphid infestation.

Watch for Aphid Honeydew substance

The honeydew substance will cover the infested plant and eventually turn into a black sooty mold that attracts large colonies of ants. The best way to determine an aphid infestation is to be aware of plant damage, which can include leaf curling, wilting and death of new shoots and buds.

How to detect and cure Aphid infestation

There are several ways to effectively detect and remove an aphid infestation. Detection includes inspecting your plants for damage such as wilting, leaf curling and honeydew.

Early detection will allow you to take control of the infestation before it gets out of hand. Aphids are a good food source for a number of natural predators which include lady bug larvae, spiders, lacewing larvae and parasitic wasps.

These predators can be safely released into infested areas to help reduce the aphids. It is also possible to physically remove the insects by using jets of water or a moist cloth. If all else fails, apply a pepper or garlic spray. A garlic or hot pepper spray applied once every two to three days for about two weeks should effectively kill persistent aphid populations.

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