Houston Tree Service Articles - How To's and Landscaping Ideas

Louis Flory is one of the premier tree service experts in the Houston area. Feel free to learn more about tree life in Houston, landscaping, and the benefits of professional tree service through our series of tips and explanations. We'll be adding articles here as they're released online, so check back for updates.

Houston Trees How-to Articles

Recognizing Hazardous Trees Before They Become an Issue: Things to Watch For

Identifying Quality Texas Nurseries

Plan Your Planting Patterns: Winter 2013

A Composting F.A.Q.

How to detect and treat conks

Orange Trees in Houston

Tips on Winterizing Trees

How to Identify and Care for an Oak Tree

How to Detect and Remove Oak Leaf Blisters

How to determine Aphids infestation

How to Properly Prune Your Trees to Promote Healthy Growth

How to hire a full service tree service company

How to deal with Storm and Lightning Damage to Trees

How to Identify and Care for White Birch Trees

How to detect Anthracnose in Maple and Oak Trees

How to plant and care for a Magnolia Tree

How to detect and treat Mealy Bug infestation

Texas Drought Articles

Landscape Watering Guide

Drought Conditions Have Long Term Effects

Four ways to help your trees survive drought and high temperatures

Proper care can help your trees thrive after drought

Signs that your trees still need help despite recent rainfall

Drought takes heavy toll on Texas trees

Houston tree expert advises tree planting this fall and winter

Texas ripe for Pine Beetles infestation due to drought

Full impact of drought on Texas trees, economy still unknown

Four reasons you should water your trees today

Tree expert advises tree watering as Texas announces loss of 500 million trees

Trees in Texas bloom after month of rain and cooler temperatures

Water your trees to reduce suffering during prolonged drought

Houston Tree Management Articles

Preparing Trees for the Winter Months: Ensure That Your Trees Are Strong Enough to Weather the Winter

Winter Care for Young Trees: Tips for Keeping Young Trees Strong Throughout the Winter Months

Care for Young Trees in the Summer: Keeping Your Young Trees Healthy and Strong

Dormant Trees Still Need Care: Caring for Trees in the Winter

Proper Care for Mature Trees: Keep Your Trees Thriving and Healthy for Years to Come

Mulching 101: Different Types of Mulch Explained

Hypoxylon Canker Explained: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Dangers of Insect Infestation in Trees: Different Hazardous Insects in Texas

A Tree From the Inside Out: A Glossary of Terms Related to Tree Anatomy

Tax Breaks Associated with Orchard Planting

Care For The State Tree of Texas

Tree and Shrub Planting

Ornamental Plant Care Guide

The Post Oak

Growing Pomegranates in Houston

Ornamental Trees in Houston

Rose Trees in Houston

Identification and Care of White Ash Trees

Identification of Magnolia Trees

Pine Bark Beetles

Diseases In Oak Trees

Protect your ornamental plants from winter damage

Why Use Mulch

Why Own Fruit Trees

Benefits of Tree Cutting

Factors to consider before replacing dead trees

Houston's Winter Freeze Leads To Tree Damage

Could Tree Pruning Save Your Property This Hurricane Season?

Mulch Around your Trees Protects Them Against Drought, Heat and Freeze

Four wrong ways to prune your trees

Why you should hire a Certified Arborist

How to stop Elm Leaf Beetle infestation

Detecting Heart Rot in Trees

Things to Consider when Planting a Tree

The Benefits of Tree Cutting for Tree Wellness

Identifying Pine Needle Scale in Trees

Using tree cabling to help retain tree growth